Interstellar Scout

K1 Series

Interstellar Scout

The K1 series, includes K1 and K1 Pro, is a new concept in science and technology. A light weight, convenient, free-walking bipedal humanoid robot. With high-precision flexible servo joints and programmable options, the K1 series robot is voice-activated and can perform stunts and actions. This interactive experience is fun and educational for all.

Our Technology is a Real Walk in the Park

Robosen’s bipedal K1 robot simulates a human-like gait bringing to life this immersive product. High-level adaptive control algorithms include bipedal gait stabilization and artificial joint drives for high-dimensional movements via high-precision servo motors.

17 Precision Servos

17 high-precision servo motors controlled by 40 microchips bring K1 to life. With over 1700+ components, K1’s cutting-edge technology elevates this product to the next level.

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